Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Program

This program leading to SCMP accreditation is the most comprehensive in the field of supply chain management. It is balanced to deliver advanced supply chain management knowledge and high-level business skills. The Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation Program is competency-based and participatory in nature with a focus on analysis, strategic perspective and decision-making.

Program Objectives

  • To develop a professional with the knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to the needs and expectations of the marketplace
  • To develop a professional with a unique and distinctive competence to differentiate the SCMP from others practising in the field of supply chain management
  • To build a critical mass of quality supply chain management professionals capable of surpassing customer expectations, and demonstrating throughout their careers, the competencies of strategic supply chain management professionals


Modules deliver functional skills that emphasize the technical foundation of the profession of supply chain management in an integrated manner.

The Modules contain significant participatory elements. They include individual exercises as well as participation in discussion forums. Business case studies are used extensively throughout the program. Readings are drawn from current literature and are continuously updated to include leading-edge concepts.

There are eight Modules in total. These include a combination of 13-week Modules and 7-week Modules.

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