Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Procedures

1. What is the registration procedure?
Enroll in the SCMP program through your provincial institute. Go to and sign up at the site. Select and pay for the module in which you wish to participate.
2. Why do I need to apply to my local institute before registering?
Registration in the SCMP program is contingent on meeting admission criteria. Your local institute will determine your eligibility.
3. If I live outside of Ontario do I have to notify my provincial institute prior to registering?
The most important factor is for you to ensure that you are a member in good standing in your home province and they have officially confirmed your acceptance into the SCMP program before signing up. Everyone who satisfies these requirements will be granted credit by their provincial institute upon the successful completion of each online module..
4. May I register for two modules in the same academic session?
Given the intensity of the program we strongly recommend that candidates take the 13-week modules individually.
5. If I take Module 1 online will I have to take all of the remaining modules online? Do I need to take them in a specific order?
You may take any of the modules in any format which is convenient for you. You may take all of them in class or online. If you prefer to take some online and some in the classroom, you are certainly free to do so. Ideally, you should start with Module 1 as it is the foundation course for the SCMP program and all subsequent modules.
6. Is there a deadline to enroll?
Your last day to enroll will be 24 hours prior to the first day of class.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

7. What is the total cost per module including tuition and materials?
Modules 1 to 4 are 13 weeks in duration and the cost per module is $995.00 (including tuition and materials), plus your provincial tax. Modules 5 to 8 are 7 weeks in duration and the cost per module is $675.00 (including tuition and materials), plus your provincial tax.
8. How much tax will I pay?
Participants will be taxed at their home province/territory's tax rate.
9. Can I pay by cheque?
Like most online systems, immediate payment by credit card is required to complete your registration. If it is impossible to pay online by credit card, contact
10. How do I obtain a obtain a PDF copy of my receipt of purchase?
To access a PDF copy of your receipt click on the "My Account" tab and select "Order History." Click on the order number. On the screen that follows click on the button, which says, "Resend Purchase Receipt." A copy of the selected receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.
11. Will I be eligible for a refund or credit if I am unable to complete the module?
You are eligible for a refund minus an administration fee of $150.00 for cancellation/withdrawal requests received in writing before Session 2; thereafter, no refund will be available. Transfer request to a future Online or Distance Learning Module offering is permissible only if received in writing and accompanied by supporting documentation prior to session 3. Please contact SCMAO for details regarding eligibility for transfer.
12. What are the cancellation procedures?
If you would like to withdraw from a module please send an e-mail to the SCMP Administrator at and copy your Coach. You are required to inform SCMAO of your intent as soon as possible. Clearly state your intention to withdraw and provide authorization for us to proceed. It is highly advisable that you review your eligibility for a refund or transfer credit under the Payment & Cancellation heading of the FAQs.

Understanding the Online Format

13. How does the online format of the program compare to the classroom format?
The online format was designed to mirror the classroom format as closely as possible. You will be pleased to find that your instructor in the classroom format takes on the role as a Coach in the online format and is very accessible in the online learning environment. There is also an increased amount of learner-to-learner interaction due to forum discussion participation. An added advantage is that because it is technologically-based, you will have barrier-free access to the learning environment anytime and anyplace.
14. Will there be any webinars?
Webinars are not a component of the online modules. We endeavour to have an orientation webinar at the start of each module to clarify expectations. Following that, the forums and e-mails are the established means to participate in the modules with your fellow learners and to reach out to your Coach.

Program & Materials Access

15. Where can I find the course materials?
The course materials are made available on the first day of your module. You may access them through the course site at Additionally, within each session there is a screen titled "Readings" and these readings are available in a printable PDF format.
16. Is there a way to download/print the materials?
You are able to download and print the materials for your personal use.
17. Will the materials be available after the module has ended?
Once the module ends you will no longer be able to access the course community. The materials are available for your use during the duration of the module only. You may wish to download and save a copy to your files.
18. Where do I find a session schedule?
A session schedule is available online with the weekly assignments and their value; At the start of the module you will be provided with a schedule which includes all critical due dates.

Tools for Successfully Participating Online

19. Approximately how many hours will I need to dedicate weekly to each module?
As a general rule, candidates should expect to spend an average of 8 to 10 hours of preparation and forum discussion time for each session. Some sessions will require less work, while others may require more.
20. Is there a specific time when the discussion forums are held and are they mandatory?
Participation in the module is not in a synchronous format. There are one to four weekly forum discussions for which participation is mandatory. You are required to participate in all of the forums by posting comments and responses to questions posed by your instructor. In addition, you are required to respond to the forum postings of your colleagues. The decision is yours as to when you choose to participate in the forum as long as it done within each required week.
21. How do I submit my assignments?
You will submit your assignments by uploading them to the course site. Every exercise has an upload page with detailed instructions as to how to submit your assignment
22. Will I have to follow a schedule or may I simply ensure that all assignments are submitted before the last day of the module?
You are required to follow the schedule. Late assignments will only be accepted if you have made prior arrangements with the Coach.

Candidate Support - Academic & Technical

23. How do I contact the instructor?
You may contact your Coach through the built-in online course site messaging system. You must be signed into your account to contact your Coach. Click on My Account and select Private Messages.

***Kindly note: Contact your Coach for all questions related to course expectations, assignments, grades and materials. Please use discussion forums to communicate with your classmates. For administrative matters you may send an e-mail to
24. Who do I contact for technical assistance?
For technical assistance please send an e-mail to Please include the following information to speed up the resolution of your query:
  • State your module number
  • Identify your operating system e.g. Windows or Mac
  • State your web browser and version number e.g. IE 9 or Firefox 12
  • Include a screen shot
25. What are the operational system requirements?
System Requirements
  • Windows XP and newer, OS X 10.3 and newer, IOS 4 and newer, and Android using the latest browser versions
  • Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, Chrome 18, Safari 5, or newer
  • Sound Card and Speakers
  • Adobe Reader - free download
  • High Speed Internet is highly recommended

Grades, Exams and Completion Letters

26. Will I be able to view my grades and assignment feedback online?
There is an Activity Summary Table on the site, which contains all of your grades and feedback next to the appropriate session and exercise.
27. How will the exam be administered and will it be written online?
The exam will be administered online. It will be available for you to download once during the period set aside for your module exam. You must complete all of your assignments, forums and the module evaluation in order to access the exam. After accessing the exam you must complete it and submit the final copy in a PDF or MS Word format within 24 hours. You will have one opportunity during the week to access and submit the exam so please choose a 24 period within the week that is most advantageous to you.
28. Will I receive an official record of completion when the module ends?
At the end of the module you will be able to print an official letter of completion.